My sense of self as an artist has always been defined through the lens of place. I feel a strong connection to the places I have lived, and the visual and material cultures of these places play a large role in shaping my artistic voice.  During my residency in Lacoste, I strove to capture the essence of Provence through its material culture, understand the region's history, and incorporate its influence into my body of visual language. 

For my multimedia "prints", I used an aggregative process that involved first sourcing materials from the region's markets, brocantes, and grand vide greniers ("big empty attic"). I then curated them into groups by historical theme and color story, then stitched the objects down into material compositions using Indian stitching techniques. The use of these techniques reflect the heavy Indian influence on Provençal textiles, as well as the influence Indian art and design has had in my work since living there in 2010. 

In addition to bodies of multimedia and linocut prints, I also designed a custom screenprinted tea towel for ShopSCAD and worked with local printers to produce the product. 

Funded through the Alumni Atelier Program for Alumni Development from the Savannah College of Art and Design.