Tea Towel Stockists:

Philadelphia Independents: Philadelphia, PA

Nice Things Handmade: Philadelphia, PA

The Little House Shop: Philadelphia, PA

The Pennsylvania General Store: Philadelphia, PA

Maleka: Bryn Mawr, PA

The Gladwyne Pharmacy: Gladwyne, PA

Springboard Boutique: Eastsound, WA

The Kimball Shop: Northeast Harbor, ME

The Claremont Hotel: Northeast Harbor, ME

The Center for Maine Contemporary Art: Rockland, ME

ShopSCAD: Lacoste, France

Savannah Bee Company: Savannah, GA

Savannah Bee Company: Boulder, CO

Jean is currently living in Philadelphia and working as a textile designer for Lilly Pulitzer. She received her MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, and received her in BA in Art History and Studio Art from Dartmouth College. Her studio practice has followed her all around the world, including an artist residency in Lacoste, France and a stint working for an art gallery in New Delhi. The material and visual cultures of these vibrant places continue to inspire much of her work. 

Outside of the studio, Jean tries to get outside as much as possible- she especially loves hiking, sailing, and swimming whenever she can get up to NH/VT/ME!



Instagram: @jeanmasonPRINT

Artist Statement

My perspective as an artist comes from a place of cultural disconnect and desire for self-location within a generation that is becoming defined by its multiculturalism and hybridity.  As technology has evolved and globalization has permeated the planet, an increasingly complex web of people, objects, and information has grown. This era of virtually unlimited access has had the dual effect of obscuring and reassigning the histories of displaced objects and, because of the profound emotional and cultural weight objects can hold, muddying our sense of identity. New kinds of hybrid cultural environments are developing; exchange is not a new phenomenon, but due to globalization and technology, it is happening at a disorienting and sometimes problematic pace. 

My primary approach to the investigation of this phenomenon is through the study of objects and visual culture. The imagery and materials I used are often sourced from my everyday life, including found objects, souvenirs, and heirlooms. I reflect the multifaceted nature of my generation by embracing layering, dimensionality, and incongruity in my surface design and fine artwork. Together, my fine artwork and textile design speak in a larger sense about the hybrid nature of todayโ€™s society.